Glasgow Local Council Election: Reactions

As the results become more known, new and re-elected Glasgow councillors have reflected on the day their party either made gains or drifted out into the distance. At current, Glasgow currently have elected 20 SNP, 15 Labour, six Greens and five Conservatives. Labour have lost control of their four decade stronghold on the largest city in the country, however, the SNP haven’t enough seats thus far to form … Continue reading Glasgow Local Council Election: Reactions

Holyrood asks Scots for views on homelessness

The Scottish Government has requested the help of the public to deal with the subject of homelessness. The government’s local and community committees has called upon written submissions by the homeless and the public lead by Glasgow SNP MSP Bob Doris. Bob Doris MSP said: “We want to hear from these people and for them to get in touch. If you are a member of … Continue reading Holyrood asks Scots for views on homelessness

HMP Barlinnie exhibit launches at Kelvingrove

Kelvingrove Art Gallery has launched arguably its most controversial exhibit, playing host to works by convicts from the Barlinnie Prison Special Unit. A vast range of different art work from sculptures to poetry were on show to the 1.2 million tourists from around the world who flock to famous museum. The Special Unit also provided the prisoners with artistic works to learn about and review … Continue reading HMP Barlinnie exhibit launches at Kelvingrove

Twitter Reacts: Benefit Cuts

New benefit cuts will be introduced from today which critics say will hurt working families across the UK. People have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns over the cuts imposed by the Conservative government. @DWP benefit cuts, education cuts, social cuts, then blame worklesnes when you've destroyed jobs. do you know what a lie is? — Simon Abraham (@blackt00th) April 6, 2017 & liberals … Continue reading Twitter Reacts: Benefit Cuts