Scottish Artists to Love and Look Out For

This week The Caledonian Spectator has been reviewing some of Scotland’s best upcoming artists. We have narrowed the countries talents to two solo artists and two bands, and we will reveal one a day this week;


Name: Hybrid

Location: Aberdeenshire

Listen to our favourite Hybrid song:

This is what happened when we met Hybrid:

What inspires your music?

“So there are several things that inspire our music, one being other artists that we love such as Eden, Jon Bellion, Illenium and some more mainstream artists such as Imagine Dragons or Clean Bandit. One of the main inspirations comes from growing up surrounded by music and always having had the desire to understand how it was made, and how to express yourself through creating it. Additionally, because we want to influence people’s lives in a positive way with our music and we see many people who inspire us doing this already and wish to do the same but in our own way. Mike an I met at university and we both discovered that we shared an interest in music but that we were both putting it on hold to follow an academic career that we thought we needed to do. We soon realised that we were a great team and wanted to make music full time and there was no better time to go for it, so left our uni course and started making music our main focus. We are incredibly passionate about making the best work we can and we have done a large number of things to make it work. we currently share bunk beds in our home studio which is an upgrade from living in the shed over summer whilst we rented out the house as an air bnb. we have thrown fire at each other In our music videos and plunged into freezing lakes on New Year’s Day to make the music videos we wanted. We didn’t really know much about a year ago but we have learned a lot and quickly and it’s been a great rush so far. Who knows where it will take us but we look forward to finding out.

Listen to them live online:

By Jade Whitaker


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