Glasgow Local Council Election: Reactions

As the results become more known, new and re-elected Glasgow councillors have reflected on the day their party either made gains or drifted out into the distance.

At current, Glasgow currently have elected 20 SNP, 15 Labour, six Greens and five Conservatives.

Labour have lost control of their four decade stronghold on the largest city in the country, however, the SNP haven’t enough seats thus far to form a majority council.

The Greens and Conservatives have both made gains of two and four respectively and are doing well across the country.

Council newcomer, the SNP’s Allan Gow, said: “We were feeling good yesterday, and after the polls closed we felt in a good place.

“We are hoping to take control of the city, whether that’s an outright majority or a coalition, it doesn’t really matter.

“I think what’s more important for the citizens of Glasgow is that they get change.”

Re-elected councillor, Conservative David Meikle believes his party’s rise in Glasgow is due to the rejection of another referendum, he said: “It just shows people wanted an alternative, that people wanted an opposition to the SNP and feel the Conservatives offer that.

“There’s certainly more to come for the Conservatives in Glasgow and nationally, it’s looking good.”

Jon Molyneux, a new Scottish Green councillor for Pollockshields said: “I feel absolutely delighted, it’s been a lot of hard work and my team have put in a lot of effort to break into Pollockshields – it’s the first time we’ve been elected in that area.”

Re-elected Labour councillor Hamzala Malik believes this vote will not reflect the General Election in a few weeks time, he said: “Because the [General Election] is a national election and it’s about national issues, so people will be more focused on what effects Scotland nationally.

“The other issue is local domestic issues, problems with roads, cleanliness, schools – they are different priorities so that is the focus on that election.”



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