Artists to Love and Look Out for!

This week the Caledonian Spectator will be reviewing some of Scotland’s best upcoming artists. We have narrowed the country’s talents to two solo artists and two bands, and we will reveal one a day this week;


Name: Jamie and Shoony

Location: Edinburgh

Band formation: 2012

With their sights set on touring overseas in the future after a Summer of festival dates, Jamie and Shoony have grown a loyal following over the last four years for their unique connection the indie band have with their audience.

Below is their new single “Young Minds”, released today. Well known for their confetti cannons and their ability to turn live events into parties, Jamie and Shoony have been growing rapidly around the country over the last year.

This is what happened when we met lead vocalist Jamie Keira yesterday:

How did the band originate?

Jamie: Me and Shoony were introduced to each other by my sister and we just clicked. I was amazed at how well he could play the guitar and pick up songs so easy. He was actually a drummer in a band that regularly gigged around Edinburgh while I was taking my singer-songwriter stuff along to open mics. I always wanted to be a front man and he preferred guitar so it just made sense to team up. We knew from the beginning we wanted a full band and big show so we have been constantly evolving the sound and getting more people involved over the years.

What inspires your music?

Jamie: Everything inspires us to be honest, our life experiences and of course the music we listen to. My musical taste knows no boundaries it’s really more about what mood I’m in to dictate the genre but the Scottish music is proper thriving at the moment and thats what I listen to or go see these days. People are my main inspiration though, folk that embrace joy really get me buzzing like the lovely people we get to meet be it at shows or festivals.

Has the popularity of the band shocked you?

Jamie: We weren’t always popular and we weren’t particularly good when we first started out so I have seen it all build from the ground up which is quite surreal. I had the belief that we could do well and connect with people but the way in which we can now affect our fans on an emotional level is insane. We have lots of people who follow us up and down the country and many have our band logo tattooed on their skin. I feel we have a responsibility to keep getting better and give them the happiness and excitement they crave at our shows.

What makes you unique:

Jamie: The unique thing about Jamie & Shoony is definantly our live performance. We don’t just play music we put on a show and turn it into one massive party. Theirs lots of crowd participation, confetti cannons, crowd surfing chickens and some stand up thrown in their too which not everyone can pull off. We have won three awards for being Scotland’s best live act and are always trying out new things to progress it even more.

What’s coming up for you guys in the future?

Jamie: We have just released our new music video for ‘Young Minds’ which we done with Scottish BAFTA winner Ianin Hendo / HendoFilms. Our next hometown show is at Stramash, Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd June as we get into full swing for our busiest summer yet with 14 festival slots over the UK confirmed so far. I hope we can get back into the studio soon to record a new E.P. and want to start touring overseas.

By David Walton



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