Holyrood asks Scots for views on homelessness

The Scottish Government has requested the help of the public to deal with the subject of homelessness.

The government’s local and community committees has called upon written submissions by the homeless and the public lead by Glasgow SNP MSP Bob Doris.

Bob Doris MSP said: “We want to hear from these people and for them to get in touch.

If you are a member of a support organisation, or a local authority or a housing association and you have something meaningful to say about the process, we are keen to hear from you as well.”

In 2016 there were 34,000 homeless people in Scotland, half of registered were a result of marital breakups.

Aaron McConnell, a homeless man for 17 months said: “If we can get a house we can get a job, live and sustain ourselves and not have to ask the government for money.”

The government will look at responses from the public and towards other countries on the best way to deal with homelessness.

The public have until 14th June to put forward their views before the committee reconvenes to go over the results.

All responses should be done on a Word document and sent to: LGCCommittee@parliament.scot and Clerk to the Local Government and Communities Committee Office Room T3.60 Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP







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