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Theresa May on Local Elections: “Conservatives will cost you less”

Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed that only the Conservative Party have a forward-thinking plan for the United Kingdom, as she launched the party’s local elections campaign.

May, who took the opportunity in her speech to take a swing at the SNP and Labour, warned constituents of being swayed by “tunnel-vision”, as she laid out her plans for the nation’s future.

“The Conservatives will cost you less.

“We will invest in skills and sectors that will spread jobs and prosperity across the country.

“We will also work to create one million new homes and will continue to invest in the NHS and Social Care.

“Contrary to the stereotype, we believe in the good government can do nationally and locally. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Conservatives don’t care about working people.”

As a part of May’s plans for the future of the UK, she stressed the importance of greater communication between local and national government.

The Prime Minister believes that the only clear option to have this is through Conservative MPs, and criticised the other parties for putting their own interests ahead of the nation’s.

May recently triggered Article 50 | @Flickr

“Our goal is a fairer society where success is based on merit, not privilege – local government has a huge part to play in that.

“Whether it’s supporting local schools, protecting and enhancing our local environments, or working closely with the NHS Trust – Conservative councillors will do the difficult work.

“Across north and south, the Conservatives in local government have shown that they are those people.

Labour and the other parties have strengths too – they’re wasteful with your money and good at hiking your taxes.

“A Labour party totally out of touch with the concerns of the British people and ignores the priorities of the working people.

“The SNP and Plaid Cymru are too concerned with dividing the country instead of uniting it.

“Other parties’ focus is far removed from the interests of the local people. There are no no-go areas for our party – no community left behind in our party.”



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