Glasgow City Council Rake In £12.6m in Parking Charges

Glasgow City Council raised £12.6 million pounds from parking charges during the year between 2015 and 2016.

Scotland’s biggest council generated 11% higher income from the previous year as a result of the charges.

Nina Baker, Scottish Green Councillor, said: “The income to the city at a time where we’re really struggling with our income is a result of cuts from the British government, everything we can find to bolster the bloc grant is helpful to us.

“However, if we look at the other side of it, there’s really fundamental problems.

“Some of this income comes from areas where residents have to buy parking permits but parking bays are not reserved exclusively for people who have residential parking permits.”

Aberdeen council also saw a rise of 8% on the previous year to an annual income of £4.9 million.

Not all councils made profits, however, with East Dunbartonshire posting £500,000 in losses.

Students in Glasgow have been giving their experiences of fines over the past year.

Andrew Ward, 20,  says “I actually got a parking fine whilst donating blood which speaks volumes because you’re doing something good for the community.

Joe Gardner, 20, said “I was gone for seven minutes and was charged £30”

Chelsie Grierson, 20, said “I received a fine in the local cinema car park which isn’t owned by the council. I didn’t pay it”




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