Around half of Scottish botox clinics have not signed up to new legislation

Almost half of Scottish clinics still haven’t signed up to new regulation around aesthetic procedures.

All cosmetic practices who perform surgical or non-surgical procedures are now legally required to register with Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

Any who don’t register by April 1st 2017 will not be able to offer procedures such as fillers or botox.

Registered clinics will have regular independent inspections carried out to ensure they demonstrate high standards of work, and have the necessary safety measures in place for all clients.

The regulation will also ensure the procedures are being performed by fully trained professionals.

The providers of independent clinics that choose not to register with HIS will be in breach of the legislation and risk being reported to the Procurator Fiscal for prosecution.


Dermal clinic in Edinburgh were the first in Scotland to sign up to the new legislation.

Dermal clinic founding director and nurse Jackie Partridge, said: “The new legislation for independent clinics is vital to ensure the best care is carried out in the safest environment for every patient.”

She added: “We believe that patient safety should always be the prime concern.

“There are many reputable clinics and practitioners in Scotland but, like any sector or industry, there exists some that do not maintain the highest of standards.

“While it is the case that independent clinics who have nurses or doctors are already tightly regulated by their own governing bodies, the new regulation regime will provide people who are looking for treatments in these clinics with unprecedented levels of confidence.”

Featured image – Flickr user Melles the Bunny



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