Street Soccer Scotland Celebrates 8th Birthday

A leading Scottish poverty charity is celebrating it’s eight birthday.

Street Soccer Scotland uses football to encourage those in serious social situations to have a kickabout, as well as interacting and bonding with other players.

The programme has been a massive success, reaching over 10,000 people and winning two Homeless World Cups in the process.

The charity has many ambassadors, in the shape of former players and managers, such as Sir Alex Ferguson.

Former Hibs and Dunfermline striker, Tam McManus, was present at today’s event, known as the Birthday Cup.

“It’s a tournament run by Street Soccer to help people who are homeless, who are struggling, who have got issues with different things,” he said.

“They’ve all come together, they get to keep fit. They come down here and get a game of football, get to meet other people, and I just think it’s a fantastic thing that they’re doing.

By putting this together, as you can see on the pitches, the guys are all here enjoying themselves, scoring goals and having fun and forgetting their problems. That’s a great thing, to get them off the street and get them playing football,” he added.

Speaking about the link with the former Manchester United manager, McManus said: “I think it’s hugely important. I think the publicity that guys like Alex Ferguson bring to Street Soccer is huge.

“It’s a charity, it’s based on funding. They need funding to put things like this on today, and the more publicity they get about what’s going on, what’s happening, and how they’re helping people, the better.

“I think it’s a fantastic tournament they are putting on – in terms of social issues. It’s great for the people down here, the boys and girls, it keeps them fit, keeps them active. The more people that are aware of it, the better.”


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