Scottish brewer Tennent’s will become the first alcoholic brand in the UK to encourage sensible drinking on their cans.

The beer company will print the UK Chief Medical Officer’s updated weekly alcohol consumption guidelines onto cans of their main product – Tennent’s lager.

Tennent’s state that they feel this is another key step in their campaign to promote responsible drinking, with Sales Director Alan Hay believes it’s important this is conveyed through their organisation.

“We are a business committed to responsibility around our brands and believe it’s important to communicate this information so our drinkers can make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption” Hay said.

“Including the latest weekly unit advice on our packaging was the next logical step following our decision to be the first alcohol business in the UK to display calorie content on our products in 2016.”

The move should encourage more brands to follow Tennent’s in displaying informative messaging on their products, according to the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dr Catherine Calderwood.

“The UK Chief Medical Officer guidelines give the public the latest and most up to date scientific information so that they can make informed decisions about their own drinking and understand the risks alcohol may pose to their health” stressed Dr Calderwood.

“I welcome the moves from the industry to update their products with the new low-risk drinking guidelines to help their customers make this informed choice.

“I would encourage all drinks manufacturers to follow Tennent’s lead and carry these guidelines on their labels.”

By David Walton


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