New Childline app gives children online counselling

Children will soon be able to get counselling from Childline through an app on their phones.

Kids can chat with a Childline counsellor to help with issues at home and at school, such as bullying.

Seventy percent of counselling sessions are now done over email or instant messaging, with this new app sent to further this rise.

Created as part of a competition by 4 schoolkids, the app was then picked up by the NSPCC and made a reality.

Olivia Pryer, one of the teenage creators, says that counselling services will be well-used on phones.

“They quite like to use their phone because they find it easier to communicate with people. So I think the importance of the counselling services is that they don’t have to see them face to face, they don’t have to ring someone, they can just do it by messaging them.”

The app also allows users to input their current mood so that counsellors can keep updated on how they’re feeling.

It is currently only available on iPhones but will soon be available to download on Android.


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