Muirfield golf course to hold new ballot on female members

Muirfield golf course is holding another ballot on whether to admit female members.

The earlier rejection of the proposal in the initial vote ruled the course out of contention of hosting the Open Championship.

The results are expected in mid-March where a two-thirds majority is required in order to pass the motion. Only 65% of members who took part last time were in favour of modernising the club.

It fell through, and subsequently saw the tradition come in for criticism from some high-profile members of the golfing fraternity.

Rory McIlroy, three-time major winner, said: “They (Muirfield) can do what they want, but in this day and age it’s not right to host the world’s biggest tournament at a place that does not allow women to become members.

“Hopefully they can see some sense and we can get it back there one day.”

Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, which owns and runs Muirfield, gave their backing to the change. They said:

“Voting in favour of the resolution to admit women as Members is recommended, unanimously, by the captain, captain nominate and the club committee of the Honourable Company.”

By Jordan Campbell


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