UK Cities’ Reprimanded for Severe Air Pollution Levels


GLASGOW has been named as one of the 16 areas within the UK that is breaching air pollution limits.

The European Commission has sent a ‘final warning’ to several cities including London, Leeds and Birmingham who all exceeded the EU’s nitrogen dioxide limits.

Hope street was named as one of country’s most polluted street’s as it has 65 microgrammes of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre, exceeding the EU’s limit of 40.

Greens Councillor for Hillhead, Martha Wardrop says she feels ‘let down’ by the Government’s lack of response to the issue.

She said “They are producing a low emissions strategy, but they are still not clear about the what funding procedures are available to local Councillors.

“There has been a lack of political will from the Scottish Government. They said they would create low emission zones for the Commonwealth games, but then never carried this through.”

According to a new study, around 40,000 deaths every year in the UK are caused by air pollution.

The Commission has said if changes are not made within the next two months then they will consider taking the matter to the European Court of Justice.

Emilia Hanna, Air Pollution Campaigner for Friends of the Earth Scotland says she ‘welcomes’ the EU’s orders for the UK to resolve their pollution problems.

As quoted; “These toxic levels of pollution are damaging our health in a shocking variety of ways and the Scottish Government was legally obliged to ensure clean air.

“The Scottish Government is ultimately responsible for making our air safe to breathe in Scotland. Ministers have promised a Low Emission Zone by 2018, and local politicians are beginning to show willing for a zone, but the Government needs to make a public commitment that it will provide funding for these zones.”


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