Three Scottish councils to maintain tax freeze

THREE labour-run Scottish councils are expected to keep their council tax rates frozen.

South Lanarkshire set out plans to keep rates frozen this morning while Inverclyde and Renfrewshire are set to announce theirs later today.

The Scottish Government gave councils power to raise council tax rates by a maximum of 3% after the 9 year freeze.

Councils in Fife, Glasgow and the Highlands are among some who have taken the increase on board.

SNP councillor for Inverclyde, Chris McEleney said: “Across Scotland it’s time for change.  It’s time for politics to be participatory where people actually get involved in decisions on how their money is spent.

“One of the biggest steps the SNP will make after May is we will devolve budgets to local communities, in Glasgow they’ve committed £1 million to every ward across the city.  In other areas of Scotland, they will be devolving money directly to communities so they will actually decide how their money is spent. I think people should demand more from their politicians.”

While the three councils argue that they are keeping rates the same in order to help with family budgets, the move is leaving them open to anti-austerity campaigners.

Renfrewshire council has confirmed it too will continue with the tax freeze after ‘listening to the community’


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