Sunshine Vitamin could stop cold and flu


IT has been claimed that vitamin D supplements could save over three million people from colds and flu, across the UK.

Researchers say that the sunshine vitamin can protect against acute respiratory infections. On top of its bone and muscle benefits.

Vitamin D has been a topic of much discussion in recent years amongst medical researchers, some still remain sceptical of its usefulness.

Many have low levels of the vitamin during winter, as it is produced in the skin while out in the sun. It helps the immune system fight bacteria and viruses and our levels are often at their lowest when we need the help most.

The study conducted by London’s Queen Mary University found that the use of vitamin D supplements could spare one in 33 compared to the 40 that have to be treated by the flu vaccine to prevent one case.

With about 70% of the British population likely to get at least a mild cold each year, many health professionals recommend taking the supplement year round to help stave off the illness.

Danni McPherson, Primary Teaching Student from Strathclyde University said, “I always take my vitamin D tablet, when you’re working with children it’s important to always be healthy. If I got sick all of my students would too!”

Nursing student, Alana Docherty from West of Scotland University said “I knew vitamin D was good for your bones, but the fact it seems to be more effective than the flu vaccine is encouraging me to actually take it regularly.”

Do you take vitamin D supplements? Are you more likely too? Join us on twitter and let us know!


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