Jumpers knitted to help dogs having a ruff time getting adopted.

DOGS and jumpers. Need I type more or are you already very interested?

Animal welfare charities across Scotland are finding it harder to rehome dark-coated dogs, one reason for this is that they do not photograph as clearly as lighter-coated pooches.

This phenomenon is described as ‘black dog syndrome’ as the dog’s lovely wee features and personalities do not show through.

SSPCA superintendent Sharon Comrie said: “This syndrome really does affect the adoption of animals in our care and, through no fault of their own, black dogs are almost always the last to find new homes.”

The Scottish Woman’s Institute has swooped in to save the day by knitting these poor pups brightly coloured jumpers to help them stand out to potential owners.

The knitting effort forms part of the SWI 100 year celebrations.

The creative idea will help these poor discriminated against dogs stand out for the crowd and not be left til last.

The soft and stretchy material will be perfect for the animals to still be able to move freely, and with multiple different colours is eye-catching as well.

One church craft group in Port Glasgow have been inspired by idea and have begun knitting little jumpers for other dark-coated dogs in the area.

Margaret Morris, a member of the Saint Francis craft group said, “We are always looking for good causes to knit for, and what’s more important than helping pups find families.”

If this story has gotten you as emotional as it’s made me, please tweet us your thoughts. Or pictures of your dogs in jumpers or both! @BAMJ32017

Here are some of the teams pups wearing some cute outfits.


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