Glasgow Film Festival Kicks Off in Style

THIS year’s Glasgow Film Festival was launched last night with the premiere of Irish drama ‘Handsome Devil’ being the highlight of the opening.

Andrew Scott, who is known for his roles in Sherlock and Spectre, was the main lead in the film as the festival is now in its 13th year and has one of the biggest ever programmes to date.

Director, John Butler said the film is based on his own childhood experiences as the film depicts two boys forming an unlikely friendship in boarding school.

He told Press Association Scotland; “It’s a modern story set in the here and now but it’s certainly based on my own experience and childhood and pretty much of every boy who goes to a single-sex school and deals with these pressures so it’s definitely autobiographical in some parts.

“Its about the experience in general of boys going to rugby-playing schools where there are notions about what a man is and how that can sometimes grate against what you might believe in yourself.”

Former Doctor Who actor David Tennant was also in attendance at the Glasgow Film Theatre as he is to appear in the festival’s closing film, ‘Mad To Be Normal’.

GFF will have over 300 events and screenings with more than 150 movies set to appear.


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