Delays in sheriff court proceedings worsen

ALMOST a third of sheriff court cases across Scotland aren’t meeting time targets.

Figures released by the Scottish Conservatives reveal that an increasing number of cases are taking more than six months to conclude – exceeding the national target aimed at ensuring that legal proceedings run smoothly.

The Scottish Conservatives link the dip in performance on recent court closures across the country.

Ten sheriff courts have closed in recent years in a bid from the Scottish Government to cut costs in the justice system.

The Scottish Conservative justice spokesman Douglas Ross said: “This is another example of the SNP being warned against making a decision for a number of reasons, but blundering on anyway.”

“Now it’s taking longer to get cases through court and many will feel that’s a direct result of the SNP’s closure programme.”

Mr. Ross went on to say: “Now that the SNP has shut these courts right across the country, the least it could do is ensure those remaining have sufficient resources to see cases through to their conclusion in the target time frame.”


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