Mum nominated for Our Heroes Award.

A mother who set up a Glasgow based charity that supports those suffering from mental illness, has been nominated for an Our Heroes Award.

Isabel McCue (73), who was previously awarded an MBE, set up the charity after her son took his own life due to the severe depression he was suffering from.

Her charity, Theatre Nemo, is based in Bridegate.

It aims to restore confidence and self esteem through drama and workshops.

It aims to provide better support and understanding for those who feel like they have nothing left to live for and do not have control over their emotions.

Through the arts it promotes engagement and creativity, producing some amazing results.

McCue’s son John died in May 2000 after suffering from depression for a decade and later schizophrenia.

Over the years John was in and out of hospital and placed on a care plan, none of this made any difference.

He then spent six months in prison waiting for psychiatric reports.

His last five months were spent in a psychiatric unit.

Isabel uses her own story and heartbreak to ensure those in need of support get it when they need it most.


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