Cat café comes to Glasgow

Animal lovers all across Glasgow are paws-itively buzzing about the brand new cat café calling the city it’s home. The Purrple cat, will open its doors this summer and although the address is unconfirmed, there will be around 3,000 ft for the kitties to roam.

Business woman Tracey Malcolmson was inspired by similar concepts in Edinburgh and Newcastle. When she first heard about the concept she decided she was going to open one in her home city.

You don’t know what a cat café is? Are you kitten me? The whole concept originated in Japan, and is basically like having a cup of coffee in a cattery! Felines of all breeds can roam around as they please while you share a drink with your friends, and interact if they let you! Tracey’s purrfect coffee shop will partner with Glasgow based charity that re-homes cats, she wants the space to be a “sanctuary” for the animals and potentially find them loving families in the process.

If the idea of a cat café isn’t instagram-able enough, the menu is also vegetarian/vegan. Which is the current dieting fad among anyone in the know. Ms Malcolmson hopes to tap into the growing vegan market in Glasgow allowing The Purrple Cat to cater to everyone.

If you love cats, coffee, or both and the idea of furballs doesn’t repulse you then The Purrple Cat is the place for you. Now that Glasgow has been deemed worthy of a cat café, what else do you think Glasgow is missing? Head to our facebook page, The Calie Spector, to let us know!


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