Bright but poor Scottish pupils are lagging behind their richer counterparts

Bright but poorer Scottish pupils are falling behind their richer counterparts according to a leading study.

The Sutton Trust found a gap equivalent to more than two years in schooling for science, reading and maths between poor and well-off pupils.

The report analysed educational attainment from 10% of the top achieving pupils from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

John Jerrim, Report Author, said: “There is no specific area where able children in Scotland really excel.

“The major weaknesses include a pronounced and sustained decline in able pupils’ performance in science, equivalent to around a year of schooling, over the last decade.”

The Scottish Government said the report “adds to our understanding of some of the challenges we want to address” in attempts to close the attainment gap.

“We have committed £750 million of Scottish Attainment Challenge funding over the course of this parliament.

“This year alone, £120m of Pupil Equity Funding is being allocated directly to headteachers with an additional £50m of Attainment Scotland funding providing targeted support to  schools in areas of greatest need.”

The analysis uses the latest results from international Pisa tests to examine the performance of 15 year-old’s across the developed world.


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