UK university applications decrease


The number of applications to universities in the UK has dropped by 5%, according to a report from the Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS).

However, the Scottish government has acknowledged an increase in the number of applications from 18 year-olds in deprived areas.

English applications have sharply dropped by 8% and Northern Irish applications decline by 5%.

The amount of 18 year-old applicants from Northern Ireland still remains the highest in the UK.

Nursing suffered the biggest decrease as the number of applications with at least one choice nominated for the discipline dropped by 23%.

This comes after NHS nursing bursaries were abolished which could mean students paying £9000 a year out of pocket for tuition.

Applicants from countries within the European Union (EU) has fallen by 7% with the aftershocks of the brexit vote last June causing uncertainty.

This year, students from the EU will still be offered free tuition under the same condition as Scots which is required by law.

Rumours of a second referendum have also put a question mark over whether students will be able to afford education in the future.





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