Scottish dogs at high risk of obesity

night-animal-dog-petONE in ten Scottish dogs are not getting their daily walk according to leading animal charity, the PDSA.

Lack of exercise is fueling an ‘obesity time bomb’ according to the charity,

Their research found that 12 percent of dogs are not regularly walked or exercised, with many owners believing that a play in the Garden is enough.

Sinead Jarvis, Vet and member of the British Veterinary Association, said: “Owners need to remember that the portions they give their pets need to be reflected in the amount of exercise they do. For large portions the animals must be walked at least once a day, but often twice a day.

“The problem isn’t just with dogs. Across the board animals are getting fatter and it’s possibly down to busier schedules meaning owners just don’t have the time or they are too tired, and it’s the animals that suffer.”

The PDSA have set up a slimming programme in the style of WeightWatchers to help animals shed the pounds.

The charity is urging owners to “skip the treats and hit the streets” as it kicks off the slimming programme The Pet Fit Club.

Scottish Pets are given more treats on average than any other country in the UK.


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