Scotland’s Rape Crisis


RAPE victims in Scotland are being denied essential support based on where they live.

The Scottish Conservatives have claimed the country is lagging behind the rest of the UK in offering 24/7 support services.

In England there are 43 Sexual Assault Reference Centres (SARC) meaning rape victims are never two hours away from help.

In Scotland there is only one, and there is a timely waiting list.

Glasgow MSP Annie Wells says that almost a decade on from the first SARC, Sandyford in Glasgow, there has been no advancement on it.

She added “But almost a decade on it is still the only one in the country. It is very concerning that those who don’t live in the Glasgow vicinity can’t access facilities like these.

“What started as a pioneering project must continue elsewhere in the country – we cannot ignore methods that are shown to be working.”

Rape Crisis Scotland ambassador Sandy Brindley says that it is unfair. She believes all rape victims should have equal access to services and new SARC’s would reduce waiting times.

She added that victims out with Glasgow with most likely be examined in a police station by a male doctor, making young women feel vulnerable after a horrific ordeal.

Between 2015-2016, over a thousand criminals were sentenced to prison for sexual assault, with only two thirds of victims were offered after-care out with the police department.


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